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Boater Advocacy – Boaters 4 Dana Point Harbor

Many harbors are not fortunate enough to have any recreational boater advocacy groups. That is not the case here in Dana Point Harbor. We at Boaters 4 Dana Point Harbor take great pride in effectively advocating for recreational boaters in our harbor and throughout our state.

As Orange County is extremely well funded by our taxes and fees, and making ample use of consultants and lobbyists, we feel it is vital that we remain ever vigilant for Dana Point harbor boaters. The Merchants are also very well-funded and represented by the Harbor Association, the Merchants’ Association and the Dana Point Harbor Now organization that was created by Government Solutions, Inc., who were hired by the harbor department (OC DPH).

We believe our record speaks for itself. Read on

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The following chart was created during the California Coastal Commission Hearings for the LCPA to explain the policy differences between Boaters 4 Dana Point Harbor and OC DPH. PDF version available here.

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   Welcome to the Website dedicated to moving the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization forward. While it has taken many years to get here, we may be in the home stretch to obtaining the approvals that we need from the California Coastal Commission that would allow us to update our harbor.

Hopefully you will find all of the tools that you need to stay current, get involved, and help us move this project forward.

When the California Coastal Commission considers LCPA 03-06 there are three possible outcomes.

  1. The Commission Denies the LCPA – Bad for Boaters
  2. The Commission Approves the LCPA exactly as submitted (almost never happens) – Worse than bad for Boaters
  3. The Commission Approves the LCPA with amendments (if approved they are almost always amended) – Best for Boaters and Community

We feel that Outcome number 1 would be very bad for boaters and the community at large and hope that no one is focusing on this possibility. Outcome number 2 is even worse than number 1 because it allows so many recreational boating resources for the community to be removed and replaced with business and commercial interests. Clearly the best alternative is to encourage and support the Coastal Commission with amending the LCPA so that the community can continue to have a recreational harbor that not only serves boaters but is exciting for non-boating visitors.

Please join us in supporting the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization.

Bruce Heyman
Founder and Leader
Boater for Dana Point Harbor
Founder, First President & Former Advisor
Dana Point Boaters Association

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